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We are here to speak about the ecology and environment in the context of everyday life and traveling. It's not only about Ecotourism. We'll help you make all types of your trips eco-friendly. We not only share the latest information about the implementation of green technologies in Ukraine and in the world, the development of ecotourism and tourism industry in general, but we give you the tools for your trips. It is the opportunity to book accommodation from our partners, environmental map of Ukraine, where the protected areas and charging stations for electric cars are marked, as well as a list of maps for eco-friendly travel. In addition, we have a lot of interesting information and tips on how to live and travel without harming the environment for you.
We also post the most interesting stories about trips in Ukraine and around the world, about natural resources, historical heritage and experience of other tourists. Users will find a lot of other surprises at GreenTheVoyage.com. Every week we will nominate the top 5 eco hotels around the world and tell you about them. We also implements the interesting projects which attract public attention to ecological problems.

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